1 - MuscleBlaze Women Daily Multivitamin,  Unflavoured  60 tablet(s)
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MuscleBlaze Women Daily Multivitamin, Unflavoured 60 tablet(s)

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  • MuscleBlaze Daily Multivitamin is exquisitely crafted for women fitness enthusiasts as it supplies essential micronutrients to maintain a healthier lifestyle
  • Contains 11 vitamins and 9 essential minerals which help bridge the micronutrients gaps caused by on-the go lifestyle and poor eating habits
  • Enriched with iron and calcium, this daily multivitamin may help enhance the bone density and blood circulation in women
  • Ginkgo Biloba extracts in this daily multivitamin helps supply vital antioxidants to reduce the free radical damage and prevent oxidative stress
  • Panax Ginseng, a major ingredient in this multivitamin helps promote the stress relieving hormones in the body thus keeping you energized for long busy hours of the day



MuscleBlaze Daily Multivitamin for Women is a must have for the female fitness enthusiasts who manage to struggle through the work life balance. Moreover, workouts result in the loss of nutrients which needs to be compensated for. This daily multivitamin has 20 vitamins & minerals, ginkgo biloba & ginseng extracts, lycopene and soy isoflavones. These ingredients blend together to support the overall well-being, stamina, and immunity in women. Active women require more nutrients than women living a sedentary lifestyle which is why MuscleBlaze Daily Multivitamin is highly recommended.
Bone Health: This daily multivitamin has active minerals including calcium which targets the bone health and help improve the bone density in women. It also contains vitamin D which enhances the absorption of calcium in the body.
Blood circulation: Iron needs in women are twice as much as men. With 80% of your RDA of Iron, this daily multivitamin may help boost the blood circulation in women while improving the blood count. It helps in coping up with the blood loss during cyclic menstruation. It also has Folic Acid and Vit B12 which helps the body make red blood cells. 
Stamina: With Ginseng panax extracts, MuscleBlaze Daily Multivitamin for women contains active enzymes which help reduce the stress hormones thus enhancing the energy, stamina and  focus in active women. Ginseng also has anti-inflammatory properties to help prevent minor discomforts which often acts as hurdles in your day everyday lifestyle.
Immunity: With Ginkgo Biloba extracts, this daily multivitamin provides powerful antioxidants which reduce the oxidative stress in the body by fighting free radical damage. Antioxidant flow boost the immunity and blood circulation thus leading to better health and lifestyle.

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