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Amp Up Your Workout With MuscleBlaze Protein Water

We all know and heard a lot about protein shakes but do you have any idea about protein water? Well, protein water is becoming more popular as bigger and famous brands get in on the trend. Before we take a look at the best protein water or protein water price let's understand what it is and its benefits. 

What is protein water? 

Protein water is made using water and protein powder. It has become famous in recent years, especially among those who want to rehydrate after a workout. You might be wondering whether protein water is healthy or not. 

Whey protein isolate, extracted from cow's milk, is one of the most common proteins used in protein water. However other types of protein sources are also used such as animal based collagen peptides and plant-based proteins. 

Benefits of protein water 

High in protein and low in calories

Protein water can be high in protein while offering few calories. For example, 480 ml of protein water can provide 15 grams of protein and only 65-70 calories. Some protein water may also offer a good amount of vitamins and minerals and that completely depends on the brand. 

Perfect for those who need extra protein

Some people have more protein requirements than the average. These groups include athletes, older adults etc. Drinking protein water along with a balanced diet can help these populations. But make sure you don't completely rely on protein water instead of food sources, as it can really jeopardize your health. There should be a perfect balance of a healthy balanced diet and protein water to maintain optimal health. 

Can be used as post workout drink

As mentioned earlier, protein water drinks have become a popular post workout drink among fitness enthusiasts. This is because people who are active and perform resistance training require more protein for muscle growth and recovery. For quick recovery after a hard workout you can have protein water every once in a while. 

May also help in weight loss

Protein water has high protein content which may aid weight loss. It is because protein can boost metabolism and increase the feelings of fullness which leads to lower calorie intake. Along with a proper diet you can have this protein water to help with your weight loss goals. 


Who should avoid taking protein water? 

People with kidney disease or poor kidney function and the one with protein metabolism issues should avoid taking protein water

If you are intolerant to milk or allergic, then you should avoid it too because protein water is made with the milk protein whey. 

What to look for in a protein water 

There are some brands that use unnecessary and unhealthy ingredients, such as artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners or dyes and too much added sugar. If your protein water has these ingredients then don't buy it. 

Some of the best selling protein water 

MuscleBlaze Sparkling Water 

Muscleblaze sparkling protein water gives you refreshing nutrition. It contains 10 grams of protein and essential amino acids. It is a perfect replacement for those sugar loaded drinks and also helps you keep the fatigue at bay. 

You can also pair it up with your meals to meet your daily protein intake. Sparkling protein water is made of whey protein isolate which is known to have higher protein quantity with less fats, making it a protein rich in calorie friendly drink. The best part is, it doesn't have any added sugar and is low carb and totally fat free.


  • Each can of MuscleBlaze protein water gives you 10 grams of protein along with essential amino acids that can help in building and toning muscles and managing weight. 
  • It is made of whey protein isolates which gives you high quality of protein with less fats. 
  • Most of the calories in protein water MuscleBlaze is derived from the protein and there is no added sugar in the product. It is low on carbs and totally fat free, which makes it an ideal choice for calorie conscious people.
  • MB protein water contains permitted synthetic food colours but no preservatives and artificial flavours.
  • You can store it in a refrigerator and consume chilled post workout to cool yourself down or you can have it with your meals also. 
  • It comes in 4 delicious flavours; cola, green apple, mixed berry, and refreshing twin favour pack. And MB protein water price is affordable too. 

If you want to buy protein water online you can find it easily at MuscleBlaze website. Just make sure you read the product carefully to check whether it meets your requirements or not. 

Moreover, each product on MuscleBlaze comes with the proof of authenticity, a unique code which is used to authenticate the product using SMS or MuscleBlaze brand's website. This helps our consumers to identify the original products.