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Behind every successful human is his Zidd to defy all the odds and create a path for others to follow. Naysayers will try to demotivate you, haters will try to stop you, but if your Zidd is stronger than them, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving your goals.
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Ziddi Hoon Main is the story of every fitness enthusiast who has an unfailing attitude towards winning the goals by beating all the odds.

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The word has spread, and fans have gathered to live the #ZiddiHoonMain moments with MuscleBlaze. Our team is out to search the real Ziddi heroes in the streets of different cities. Watch out!

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MuscleBlaze is setting up the new norms for fitness enthusiasts nationwide.
Ziddi Hoon Main has helped influence many people around the nation to fuel the spark of their passion and take it to the next level where it gets recognized.

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This is just the right place where you can find the stories of unsung heroes who inspire you to break the barriers and jump above all the excuses.

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There are many real fitness enthusiasts around us who have risen above all the odds and rewritten their destiny to make it huge. Read their stories on our Instagram page!

Ziddi Tiger Shroff
Swift like a tiger and fierce like a thunder! Tiger Shroff shows us how it's done when it comes to stay fit and active.
Ziddi Shikhar Dhawan
Shikhar Dhawan, our favourite cricketer is a man of words! With his weighted squats challenge, MuscleBlaze brings to you his moment of ZIDD!
Ziddi Vishwas
He could because he believed! K.S. Vishwas made nation proud and inspired millions of others with his Zidd!
Meri Zidd

Create your own Ziddi Story and let the world know about your heroic struggle. Your passion was bigger than your misery and we are waiting to hear the story!

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