MuscleBlaze Whey Hydro, 2.2 lb Chocolate
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MuscleBlaze Whey Hydro, 2.2 lb Chocolate

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  • MuscleBlazeŽ Whey Hydro 2.2 lb Chocolate is the revolutionary protein supplement that contains 24g of hydrolyzed whey protein per serving (30g)
  • It is obtained by hydrolyzing the best quality whey protein isolate, making it the fastest absorbing Whey Protein source
  • Contains 11.28g of EAAs and 5.3g of BCAAs. 4.2g of Glutamic Acid aids in transporting the essential nutrients from the gut to the muscles to kickstart the muscle recovery and muscle synthesis
  • Extensive research based formulation removes the bitter flavour of Whey Hydro and makes it a scrumptious chocolate flavored protein beverage
  • With DigeZymeŽ, a blend of five digestive enzymes to enhance the protein digestion and eliminate bloating


MuscleBlaze® Whey Hydro 2.2 lb Chocolate is a revolutionary hydrolyzed whey protein supplement from the house of MuscleBlaze®. First time in the Indian sports nutrition market, MuscleBlaze® has launched a hydrolyzed whey protein that provides a massive 24g of pure protein per serving (30g) in a delectable chocolate flavour. Developed by hydrolyzing the high-quality Whey Protein Isolate, MuscleBlaze® Whey Hydro promises faster recovery, faster muscle synthesis to result in lean muscle mass. The key highlight of the supplement is its highest absorption rate amongst all the whey protein sources.

Helps in Faster Post Workout Recovery
Hydrolyzed Whey Protein is known for its ability to be digested and absorbed in the gut easily thus making its way to the muscles faster than any other kind of whey protein supplement. For the first time in Indian sports nutrition market, MuscleBlaze® brings to you Whey Hydro which provides 24g of quality protein with BCAAs and EAAs per serving to help you attain that sculpted body.
MuscleBlaze® Whey Hydro boosts the power of protein by making it easier to digest and absorb thus transporting the nutrients rapidly to the distressed muscles which undergo stress during workout. The primary source of Whey Hydro is high quality Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate especially imported from USA to meet international standard quality. Rapid digestion helps provide the muscles with nutrition required during workout and helps in longer workout durations.

Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Cocoa Powder, DigeZyme®

Mix 1 Scoop (30g) of MuscleBlaze® Whey Hydro in 150-180ml water and give it a robust shake for 45-60 seconds using a shaker and obtain a rich creamy shake. For best results, consume twice a day

Early Morning: Glycogen levels start to drop while our bodies are inactive to provide fuel to carry out body functions. This makes the stored amino acids to be used as fuel causing muscle breakdown. To retain the muscle mass during inactivity period, consume MuscleBlaze® Whey Hydro 2.2 lb Chocolate early in the morning to replenish the lost muscles

Post Workout: Our muscles become starved post intense workout sessions which is why we need to refuel our muscles with a fast-acting protein supplement. Analyzing the metabolism of the Indian bodybuilders, MuscleBlaze® has come up with Whey Hydro that provides the fastest digesting and absorbing Whey Protein.

At Bed Time: During inactivity, our body goes into a catabolic position thus consuming the energy stored in the muscles and using it as fuel. To prevent the muscle loss during sleep, it is recommended to consume a serving of MuscleBlaze® Whey Hydro before sleep.

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