MuscleBlaze Sparkling Protein Water (10g Protein), 6 Piece(s)/Pack Twin Flavour Pack
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MuscleBlaze Sparkling Protein Water (10g Protein), 6 Piece(s)/Pack Refreshing Twin Flavour Pack

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  • The new MuscleBlaze Sparkling Protein Water is a refreshing nutritious beverage which offers you the goodness of protein with its each can
  • The Sparkling Protein Water by MuscleBlaze is ideal for active gym goers, cross fit & everyday athletes. It is keto friendly and helps fulfills your daily protein requirement
  • Both the flavors are free from any added sugar, fats, artificial flavors and preservatives. The green apple flavor is free from carbs while cola flavor is a low-carb version
  • The tingly cola and tangy green apple flavors add to the refreshment factor
  • It contains Whey Protein Isolate and enriches you with 10g protein per serving of 250ml

MuscleBlaze has been constantly working towards changing the face of Indian Sports Nutrition industry. A wide range of health and fitness products are crafted to meet every individual’s specific needs. MuscleBlaze has established itself as a premium bodybuilding brands that is suggested by athletes and bodybuilders worldwide.
MuscleBlaze Sparkling Protein Water is fresh breeze of nutritious refreshment which is focused on giving you a healthy and tasty replacement of the unhealthy refreshment drinks.
Refreshment with a Punch of Protein- Yes! That’s MuscleBlaze Sparkling Protein Water
In the quest of staying fit, you tend to follow a strict diet ensuring to avoid those unwanted calories. This also leads to the taste being compromised. 
It has been ages since you have even touched a refreshment drink loaded with ample of sugar and carbs. No guilty pleasures!
MuscleBlaze Sparkling Protein Water adds the spark to your life by giving you a surprisingly refreshing nutrition. Packed with 10g protein, it is the replacement for the unhealthy sugary drinks and is your BFF which helps you gulp down the tiring food too!
A sinless drink- Guilty pleasures no more!
The can of 10g protein power
  • Protein is very essential for building and toning muscles and maintaining weight.
  • Our drink is loaded with 10g protein per can with all the essential amino acids.
  • Various studies reveal that consuming 10-20g protein with each meal is beneficial for your body. MuscleBlaze Sparkling Protein Water provides you with 10g protein per can and you can pair it up with your meals to stay at par with your daily protein intake.
Whey Protein Isolate- Present!
Whey Protein Isolate has higher quantity of protein with lesser fats. This makes the drink protein-rich and calorie friendly.
Stay free from fats and sugar- Say hello to low calories
The calories are derived from the protein mostly and no added sugar is there in our product. It is totally fat free. The Green Apple flavor is free from any carbs whereas the Cola flavors is very low on carbs. This makes the drink a perfect choice for calorie conscious people.
Artificial flavors- Nah!
It contains permitted synthetic food colors and no use of any artificial flavor has been made. 
No preservatives
We aim at giving you pure and authentic nutrition and thus MuscleBlaze Protein Water is free from any preservatives.
Your meal partner and your revitalizer
Pair it up with your daily meal to fulfill your daily protein needs and easing the gulping down of food. Store it in a refrigerator and consume chilled to revitalize yourself after intense workouts or to cool down yourself on hot days.
■Nutrition Bonanza
Flavor: Cola
Net content: 250ml
Components                   Quantity/100ml
Energy                              20.8kcal
Protein                              4g
Carbohydrate                   1.2g
Fats                                  0g
Sugars                              0g
Artificial Flavors             none
Carbonated Water, Whey Protein Isolate, Humectant (INS 422), Acidity Regulator (INS 330), Cinnamon extract, Sweetener (INS 955).
Contains Milk Derivatives.
Flavor: Green Apple
Net content: 250ml
Components                   Quantity/100ml
Energy                        16 kcal
Protein                        4g
Carbohydrate              0g
Fats                             0g
Sugars                         0g
Artificial Flavors        none
Carbonated Water, Whey Protein Isolate, Sodium Chloride, Acidity Regulator (INS 330), Sweetener (INS 955).
Contains Milk Derivatives.

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