10 - MuscleBlaze CreaPRO Creatine with Creapure,  Orange  0.55 lb
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MuscleBlaze CreaPRO Creatine with Creapure, 0.55 lb Tangy Orange

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  • MuscleBlaze CreaPro in Tangy Orange Flavor is crafted to add more fierceness to your workouts It delivers 3000mg of pure creatine monohydrate, CreapureŽ in each serving
  • CreapureŽ is the branded creatine monohydrate imported from Alzchem, Germany. It contains 99.99% pure creatine and is the proven safest & effective creatine in the world
  • CreaPRO triggers the synthesis of phosphocreatine in the muscles which enhances ATP levels during the heavy-duty exercises
  • It also supports cell volumization by enhancing water retention during intense workouts that may result in better workouts and endurance
  • Available in new Tangy Orange flavor, this creatine monohydrate makes the best choice for a refreshing kickstart of your everyday workouts



MuscleBlaze CreaPro is made with the purest creatine monohydrate available named Creapure®, a patented product of Alzchem, Germany. Creapure® contains 99.99% pure creatine ensuring best in quality. CreaPro by MuscleBlaze adds vital strength to your everyday training while providing you with brimming energy for more intense workouts. Each serving of CreaPro provides 3g of creatine monohydrate which triggers the water retention of the muscle cells resulting in bulk and volumization during the workouts.
High Intensity Workouts
Creatine enhances your capacity to do heavy-duty workouts. Supplementation with creatine serves to increase creatine stores and phosphocreatine availability in the body resulting in faster ATP formation. With constant supply of ATP, it helps promote energy levels in the body to prevent premature muscle fatigue. Consuming creatine allows the muscles to store more energy to be used during workout thus preventing the muscle protein loss.
Faster Muscle Recovery
Since the creatine gives rise to phosphocreatine in the muscle cells, it helps generate more energy for heavy duty workouts thus preventing the muscle protein loss and boosting the synthesis of new muscle protein. This process helps enhance the muscle recovery.
Improved Muscle Volumization
Creatine triggers water retention in the muscle cells and cause them to inflate. This phenomenon makes the muscles to look heavier and serve as stimulus for protein synthesis. It also helps enhance the endurance and focus so that you can experience a better workout every day.
Creapure® (Creatine Monohydrate), Orange Fruit Powder, Acidity Regulator (INS 330), and Sweetener (INS 955)
Tips to Use
Add 1 level scoop (4g) in 240ml chilled water and shake vigorously for 15 to 30 seconds in a shaker till uniform mixing.
Drink at-least 8 glasses of water when consuming CreaPRO
For better results, consume with your protein supplement or high carbohydrate drink to increase the uptake of creatine. 

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