1 - MuscleBlaze Carb Blend,  6.6 lb  Orange
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MuscleBlaze Carb Blend, 6.6 lb Tangy Orange

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  • MuscleBlaze Carb Blend is an instant energy formula, which helps prevent energy shortage or 'hitting the wall'
  • Far superior to sugar, the mix of carbs in MuscleBlaze Carb Blend provides a longer-lasting fuel to athletes, marathon runners and weight trainers
  • MuscleBlaze Carb Blend helps increase muscle-glycogen recovery post exercise
  • The combination of carbs in MuscleBlaze Carb Blend helps prevent muscle loss
  • Refreshing orange flavour

About the Brand: MuscleBlaze 

MuscleBlaze, a leading Sports Nutrition Company, founded in 2012, provides a wide range of Whey Proteins, Mass Gainers, Weight Gainers, Pre-workout supplements, amino acids, energy bars & much more. MuscleBlaze aims to be a sports nutrition brand that gives you international-grade quality supplements and 100% safety assurance at a genuine price. Every product manufactured at MuscleBlaze undergoes a strict quality check and lab verification before being put out for sale. The end product is made at FSSAI, HACCP – a certified state-of-the-art plant, to ensure MuscleBlaze is the best sports supplement brand in India.

No matter your fitness concern, MuscleBlaze offers an array of nutritional supplements for all your health concerns. Authenticate your product with a single tap on your mobile through SMS and stay assured of the genuineness of all product bought from www.muscleblaze.com.

Description: MuscleBlaze Carb Blend, 6.6 lb Orange

If you are a fitness enthusiast or any active individual, taking up healthy carbs from the right sources poses to be essential for your fitness journey, Right? MuscleBlaze Carb Blend, 6.6 lb Orange contains multiple sources of carbohydrates from the right and cleaner sources. This keeps your body fuelled up and energetic all day long. Carbohydrates are primarily misinterpreted in the field of nutrition. However, they are among the most important macronutrients essential in optimizing good health and workout performance. Carbs are converted into energy units that help you keep fuelled up even through the most intense training sessions, and therefore,  MuscleBlaze Carb Blend, 6.6 lb Orange is just the ideal nutritional supplement for your fitness journey.

MuscleBlaze Carb Blend - Nutritional Information

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Benefits of Consuming MuscleBlaze Carb Blend, 6.6 lb Orange :

MuscleBlaze Carb Blend, 6.6 lb Orange is a specially formulated supplement that ensures you get nothing but clean and healthy carbs to power up your workout performance. There are numerous benefits of consuming MuscleBlaze Carb Blend, 6.6 lb Orange, the most prominent ones are listed below :

Balanced Glycogen: MuscleBlaze Carb Blend, 6.6 lb Orange is a perfect combination of different types of carbs with fructose, dextrose, and maltodextrin. They are readily absorbed by the body, giving an instant boost and energy all day long. This quick absorption of carbs helps in balancing the glycogen level in the body.

Better Muscle Synthesis: MuscleBlaze Carb Blend 6.6 lb Orange comes in a refreshing, tangy orange taste. This carb Blend supplement stimulates better muscle synthesis by creating an instant spike in the insulin levels of the body.

Instant and long-lasting fuel: Carb blends have been proven to be a better source of energy in comparison to the consumption of sugar. The reason being, carb blends act as a long-lasting source of fuel and energy.


MuscleBlaze Carb Blend, 6.6 lb Orange is made from some of the best ingredients such as Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Fructose, Orange Fruit Powder and Acidifying agent (INS 330)

It contains nature-identical flavouring and colouring substances.

Direction To Consume and Serving Suggestion

How to Consume MuscleBlaze Carb Blend, 6.6 lb Orange?

All you need to do is mix one full scoop of this carb blend supplement in 250ml of water. Mix it well to create an instant energy drink.

When to Consume MuscleBlaze Carb Blend, 6.6 lb Orange?

Post Workout drink: MuscleBlaze Carb Blend, 6.6 lb/ 3 kg Orange is an ultimate post-workout supplement that contains easily absorbed carbs which help in speedy and effective recovery of muscles post a heavy workout session.

Carb loading: Confused about what is carb-loading? Well, if you are going to engage in any event related to strenuous exercises or heavy workouts that would last for more than 90 minutes, you can consume around 2-3 servings of MuscleBlaze Carb Blend, 6.6 lb Orange every day about 4 days prior to this event for sufficient carb loading.

Where to Buy MuscleBlaze Carb Blend, 6.6 lb Orange?

One of the best ways to get authentic, top quality MuscleBlaze product is to buy it online from www.muscleblaze.com. Get the best deals, discounts and offers only at MuscleBlaze. MuscleBlaze.com is your one-stop destination for all your nutritional supplement needs and concerns.

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