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  • My serious take on Torque :: Rohith Raghunath

    A good pre workout. Good feel. I have been using this for a Month now and it's good. I am of the view that the creatine monohydrate loaded is way too much as with betaine anhydrous as both elevate the ATP levels. Could have been better if the formulators omit this and include creatine nitrate. Also the dosage of beta alanine HAS to be upped from 1500 mg to 2300 mg. The AAKG and CM is doses correctly along with caffeine and taurine. The sad tilt is the effects of beta alanine dies down rapidly if one is into a core HIT training. I will add on 2 scoops during arms and legs days... Get the beta alanine levels increased and incorporate a nitrate along with AAKG

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  • Awesome

    It's a good pre workout thanks to Muscleblaze giving a good product to us..

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