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  • the best budget whey isolate ever

    I was on user by time... thought of trying this gold..and was amazed by its efficency..digests easily w/o any complications..i got this product for 3800 by applying coupon code MB20 + Also free gym bag..try it

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  • Effictive

    It get on my nerves when people gives review about the taste of suplements and not about the effictiveness and results. If you guys want taste then purchase bournvita or horlicks they both tastes good. Now coming to my review , really effective product. Got noticable gains in 2 weeks with proper diet. And now i have finished the 4 lbs jar. Really good if you are a beginner (training for 1-8 months). And good for lean gaining. Dont expect any magic from any suplement all that matters is diet and proper workout. I workout for 6 days a week. Add eggs, peanut butter, cereals , chiken (2 or 3 times a week will work) and your pre workout meal should be good. Take 6 meals a day. Drink lot of watter. Add multivitamin , evion400 , limci for vitamins. And if u cannot digest whey protein or not getting resluts try SPORLAC DS ( from your chemist shop) it will digest it completle.

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  • gold standard

    please launch the 8.8 lb gold standar whey protein

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  • Indian No 1 Brand Now

    I love thiz Muscleblaze Whey Gold my first choice.....5000 rs ki reng me 2kg wo bi isolate protein mil raha hai ab kya chaye hame..2 month hwa gai muje use kue hwe result mil raha hai.....Post workout me 1 scoop an 2 banana and Before bed meal1 scoop with 250ml milk for sleep mode muscle recovery...

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  • Muscleblaze is here to take over supplement industry

    Great Product

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  • awesome product of muscleblaze

    great product.. i have never seen deal like this.. i got 7500 4kg isolate... nobody brand can give you this amazing deal...healthkart is awesome... healthkart overtook the neulife..... and always go with muscleblaze in future.

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  • Sidhi Baat No BaKwas

    Bhaiyo eK nmnr Ka protien h, Body me boht frK aa ja h, sb Khao or body bnao

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  • Is it really a GOLD !

    This was the first question I asked myself when I saw the ad for it ! Is it really a gold or just another Gold product. Let us evaluate to see further - Whey Profile - It has 25 grams of whey per 30 grams of scoop size which is very near and more than ON whey which is 24 grams in 30.4 grams . More than this what i liked about the product that made me buy was only 0.4 g of fat per scoop ! Also whey is from isolate only so thats a huge bonus considering all products in this range like ON and prostar have whey protein concentrate in them. this became a easy choice since it had Isolate only Protein certificate - after buying the product i saw it had link to the lab certificate as well. I checked for my product and it had 81% protein which was quite refreshing to see. very few products in the market give a protein certificate , considering most shops are full of fake this is of some help and gives mental satisfaction Isolate is from US - is also an advantage ! since US whey is considered the best. Overall I will rate it at 8/10 and Gold name is not bad to have for sheer reason of 25 grams per 30 gram scoop !

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  • ordered again

    i can feel increase in stamina and also it takes little time to show its effect .....may show good variation if proper diet plan is followed . first time at 2339 now buying at 2294.....apply coupen code ...

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  • Insane value for money!

    I have used ON and Syntha-6 till now and I love this product the most! Not because it tastes the best, that's Syntha-6, or not because it is the most effective, that would be ON. It is because of what it offers, which is brilliant results for such an affordable price! Plus, while buying Syntha or ON, you're always skeptical about the authentication, with MB, because it comes straight from the manufacturer, you can be 100% sure about it being authentic! I love it, sticking to this until the prices go up!

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