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  • MuscleBlaze, name says it all.

    It's good to see MuscleBlaze taking out Raw whey protein. I'm using MuscleBlaze since 3 years now and has given me awesome results. Raw whey protein is also good and it's awesome for gym goes. Do try it. :)

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  • Better than most but buy with caution.

    This is the cheapest whey protein out there from MuscleBlaze and offers a whooping 24g per serving of protein. This doesn't mean you should go and get it right away. A very big factor to consider is, that it is UNFLAVORED, meaning other than a very subtle milk powder like smell it is practically tasteless. People who are used to taking a floured protein supplement will find it a challenge getting accustomed to the taste. When you mix it in a mixer grinder it forms a thick foam which will bloat you for some time. Also not to ignore the fact that it is 4 kilogram and costs an hefty amount. Amateur body builders who do not go the the gym on a regular basis should reconsider getting this for obvious reasons. Good Luck.

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  • best product from muscleblaze

    the taste is somewhat good, actually it tastes exactly like milk powder, then the mixiibility is awesome. overall this is the best MB product at a great price. I got it for 5.5k

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  • Effective Product

    Flavour is milky in nature. Best product for recovery. No bloating if taken without carbs. Value for money. Utmost important: Buy from muscleblaze website rather healthkart or amazon because they deliver from central storage of the company.

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  • best form of whey u will ever get

    first i thought since it is raw whey it would be hard to digest but its quite easy to digest......and results are too good i am able to see its result in 1st week of its use..... i will go for another tub for sure.

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  • Good product at reasonable price

    I have been using muscle blaze since 6 months now. This is one of the best. Within 2 days i see my muscles have become tighter and bulkier. I mix it with creatin and together it forms a good pre and post workout drink. MB rocks!!!

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  • value


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  • Gained muscles within 20 day

    I purchased 1 kg pack of this and took this raw whey protein post workout in morning and evening 15 min after workout with 300 ml water water and now results are awesome, I gained muscles within 20 day, this shows result fast and you'll feel it if took at proper time and in right amount with your diet. I'll review it again after 1 month but at that time I'll present some data for proof.

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  • Want to have more Efficacy, try this.

    Overall this protein is very good in the market I don't think there is any brand national or International which gives a protein at such low cost because, for we Indians the cost or value for money matters a lot and MB RAW whey protein gives you incredible result but you have to do a proper cycle of it to get the desired results. if you want to have more efficacy from this product you must consume it after workout that means post workout with water. and consume it with milk in the morning and we can add some dates and bananas for the morning flavour. but remember it is just a supplement not the proper food because the human beings Need Water and food for our survival not the supplements it is just an additional and light meal which helps in boosting the growth of our overall body, thank you, this is HAIDER, signing out. ? HDR _FITNESS...

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  • just add Bournvita in your shaker and make it rich in chocolate flavour.

    Value for money protein just go it.

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