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  • Worth buying for serious gains

    firstly, I would say that I don't basically believe much in supplementing full time. I try to get results from diet and depend on high impact protein only post workout. I tried this proteing(1 scoop) post workout with water for 3 days and my review is: Taste - pretty good as I take it with water. I am not a taste fan guy so this works for me Mixability - damn good as one should expect from isolate and hydros. No lump was formed . I shaked just 7-8 times and it all mixed well. So definitely high quality protein Efficacy - As currently I am on high volume training. I was sure I would be able to test efficacy of this supplement. Got to say my recovery was very fast didnot feel any soreness next day. I thing the glutamine and creatine did the trick with fast acting protein So in all definitely value for money as I bought this on 50% discount but I would expect this to be price a little less as this is manufactured in India as they claim. My advise: This is a high quality protein so should be taken with water to see better results. Needless to say that supplments are addons, they work only if your diet is good and clean. you eat shit you will look shit :) Hope that helps all looking for this product.

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  • Amazing Product with Powerful Ingredients

    The product is ideal for gaining muscle mass. People aiming to cut fat should avoid & rather use an Isolate whey. The product has added Creatine & Taurine. Creatine gives volume to the body as it retains water in cells, people looking to shed fat may experience increased volume in the body. Creatine & Taurine together give enormous strength & energy. I gained 4lbs of muscle mass in just 10 days.

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  • product is good

    its an indian version of nitrotech.

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  • Nice

    taste is best and product is best I havent to purchase this product this site but product is awesome Tod jordar

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  • Awesome

    I had been gymmimg for 6 months but still could not improve on my weights. Also in attempt to rreduce weight I was hitting gym 6 days week ! I was feeling tired all the time. When muscles are fatigued basically you cannot expect to lift higher weights . Out of frustration I went to see a doctor and he gave me pills on Co-Q 10 and L caritinie :) That too didn't solve the problem. Finally I added Whey protein to my diet. First Whey protein and then Whey Pro Creaapure. First I used take it once a day after gym but then gradually started taking in morning. For me it has worked as medicine for muscle fatigue and weight loss :) :) AWESOME Product !

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  • Great result

    must buy product

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  • value for money

    really a good product at reasonable price

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  • the best protein with good profile.

    This gets a full 5/5 from me, the best protein with good profile.. It always mixed well and taste is great as well.

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  • Overall great tasting protein

    Overall great tasting protein, Very affordable and gives good size gain and good recovery

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  • Harish

    very fast result

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