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  • 4.85 lb Rich Milk Chocolate
    I am Superman :D :D

    The product is awesome so here are things you need to follow first trust me, I have used it and KUDOS to this Indian product. Ok people listen carefully : 1. Three times a meal must. Same time dont skip or postpone it. 2. 3 litres of water must. 3. Exercise and rest on time must. 4. I take it two times after gym and during sleep. Very very very important note all users ( no side affect but it warms up your body so make sure you drink minimum 3 litres of water everyday). ( don't get upset sometimes when reps are less its because of fatigue your body has never experienced so give rest in middle). And trust me give it time just in two weeks you will see the change in your energy stamina and number of reps. Its one month for me and man i look awesome. Friends surprised, girlfriend surprised, my sister is like how did you get so big arms. I used to look skinny and low confident. Bitches face me now!!!! Definitely use it.

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  • Scoop in the jar

    Overall things are good like taste, mixability, and most important price ..but the worst thing is that when I had to find the scoop at the bottom of the jar for serving in the new pack.. Muscle blaze I'll give u an idea to resolve this thing. Plz stick the scoop on top of the jar cap..plz work on it...

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  • Its very good product...bt over price..

    kindly bring more flavours and reduce some price...why its price is this much as it many fractured in india,optimum nutrtion whey is costly cozz its imported

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  • 1.1 lb Rich Milk Chocolate Old
    Great taste, great value...

    I recently bought MB Whey Chocolate and am loving the experience. Previously I have used ON 100% Gold Double Rich Chocolate. Full marks on the taste, shake was yummy - flavor was stronger than ON and had milk undertone. It mixed very well with water. Cant comment on efficacy, as I have just started using it. ON was a great product but, dont see a reason to pay so much if I can find a similar substitute at reasonable price.

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  • using it for about a month now. huge improvement in my body.

    I have been using it for a month now and the jar is about to finish. I take 1 scoop before workout. it gives high endurance during workout. (can be taken post workout it doesn't matter much). in about 25 days of muscle building oriented workout including all major workout exercisise i have surely gained weight (havent mesasured yet). I now have biceps and chest. it can be seen from like 11 inch biceps i now have 12.5 inch biceps after regular hard workout. for a skinny guy like me, it's a brilliant product, and i am gonna get it for the next month too.

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  • 4.4 lb Strawberry Old
    best indian protein

    Guys this is my first review of any supplement. I have tried every foreign company.ON,TWINLAB,MUSCLETECH,SCITECH,ULTIMATE NUTRITION,SAN,SSN,LABRADA.but believe me guys this is the best protein i have used.it is cheap because it is indian brand. It has very good profile as compared to any foreign brand. Taste wise chocolate n vanilla are good but STRAWBERRY stands out. Strawberry taste amazing even in water thick n creamy and in milk it has no match. It feels like heaven even better than ON'S FLAVOUR.GUYS GO FOR IT.

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  • Value for money

    its good.. its effective.. its value for money... i was using optimum nutrition at first but it was costly not because its better but due to taxes that is added for importing.. now i can get same thing with a cheaper price..

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  • awesome product..

    when u start ur protien firsty u feel like ur weight is decreasing and your biceps are decreasing but then aftr few days you find the growth in your body.. i got results in 4 days..

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  • International quality, Indian price.

    P.S. I AM NOT PAID TO WRITE THIS REVIEW. I have used Dymatize and ON in last one year. last time i was out of budget so I tried this one. trust me I am not returning back to any international brands. I wont talk about taste, because when it comes to building muscle, only thing to focus is the quality of product. above all, I had a lot of indigestion issues with international brands, but this product is just perfect. so guys, dont just buy any costly international brand just bcoz it is from USA. muscle blaze is equal to them if not superior

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  • 4.4 lb Rich Milk Chocolate Old
    great product

    love it

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