Sangram Chougule Diet and Workout Plan

It can't get better than following Mr. Universe 2014, Sangram Chougule diet and workout plan to build muscles.

An electrical engineer by education and a bodybuilder by passion and profession, the journey of Sangram Chougule, recently announced as the 'BodyBuilder of the Decade' by Indian Body Builders Federation and MuscleBlaze athlete has not been easy. 7 times National Champion and 2 times Mr. Universe title winner, Sangram Chougule story is an inspiration and an ideal for many budding bodybuilders across the country. Sangram chats with MuscleBlaze on workout, diet, fitness. Excerpts:

Sangram's passion for fitness began around 2000, during my engineering years and I began to gym for around 3-4 hours every day. It was around this time that I participated in Khadki Shree, a local bodybuilding competition held in Pune and won it too. Since then, there has been no looking back.



For Sangram, exercise, diet, and supplements go hand in hand while building a body. In fact, abs get built in the kitchen. While work out is critical to stress the muscle tissues, in Sangram Chougule's diet chart supplements are equally important to build muscles.  After waking up, Sangram takes a fat burner and a scoop of amino acid. 15 minutes later, his session of cardio lasts for 20 minutes (6 days in a week) and he follows it up with a protein shake.  



6 ounces of cooked chicken, 4 ounces of oatmeal, 2 whole eggs and 2 pieces of toasted brown bread.  


Mid Day meal

Lean proteins and complex carbs with good fats, derived from cooked chicken, rice with green vegetables and two teaspoons of olive oil.


Late Dinner

Lean meat and a cup of rice and vegetables

Last Meal

Casein Shake



For Sangram Chougule, workout is always performed in the company of a pre-workout drink which helps him maximize his training session. During work out, he prefers to have BCAA with water. 


Most beginner bodybuilders commit the mistake of following the advanced level of workouts of trained bodybuilders. For a newbie bodybuilder, Sangram's workout suggestion is to plan the exercise in such a way that a bigger muscle group and a smaller muscle both get trained. And if possible, you should train under a good trainer and have a balanced diet and rest adequately.

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Day 1

back and bicep with two to three variations of each and with each variations reps should be 8 to 12


Day 2

Chest and triceps

Day 3

Legs (Quadriceps) and shoulders

Day 4

Legs (Hamstrings) and calves. Abs you can do every alternate day





For someone who is working in a corporate, the bodybuilding goals have to be realistic and focused towards building strength and endurance. Professional bodybuilders go to extreme limits to highlight their muscle definition that includes avoiding water and salt for days, whereas for a sedentary professional, it is advisable to focus on fitness.

Rather than, sitting and slouching at the desk the whole day, such people should aim to take breaks and get up to engage their core muscle.

Stretching your hamstrings and glutes is important for a corporate professional and you should lie on your back and lift your legs up across the body.

Most importantly, do not skip your legs day and do low back extensions. Your workout should engage your core to strengthen it.  

Even when you're sitting at your desk, think about sitting up and pulling your chest toward the ceiling. Actively contract your abdominal muscles, so they don't atrophy.


Sangram the bodybuilder is committed to dispelling bodybuilding myths. Spot reduction is the biggest myth and many people when they begin to train, do innumerable crunches without food to build six-pack abs. Similarly, many people think that muscles will become flabby in the old age, which is not true. Strength training is the true fountain of remaining young and two-times Mr. Olympia winner Frank Zane is a living testimony of it.

For Sangram there is no age limit in bodybuilding, He has trained people as old as 60, what matters is your will to train hard. 

If you also have the same belief that age is just a number and one can achieve their fitness goals whether they want to be lean or muscular as Sangram all you need is proper diet, supplement & rest. Go and check out our MuscleBlaze Whey Protein for a muscular and more chiseled body.