Unadulterated Micronized L-Glutamine for muscle anabolism

MuscleBlaze™Micronized Glutamine takes your performance to another level. With each serving of MuscleBlaze L-glutamine you get 5g of micronized L-Glutamine that minimizes catabolism, prevents your muscles from breakdown and improves your athletic performance. L-gultamine in its pure, unadulterated and micronized form absorbs faster, stimulates protein synthesis and maximizes your muscle recovery after an intense workout.

  • 5g of unadulterated Micronized L-Glutamine in each serving
  • Minimizes catabolism and prevents muscle breakdown
  • Supports your immune system and enhances muscle recovery
Boosts recovery and performance

MuscleBlaze Micronized Glutamine enhances your muscle recovery by restoring the glutamine content in your blood depleted due to intense training. MuscleBlaze™ Micronized Glutamine fortifies your immune system so that your body is not affected due to extreme dieting and intense training.

MuscleBlaze™ Micronized Glutamine is made with the best possible ingredients available. To boost your muscle recovery and enhance performance, the supplement can be taken 2 times a day.


5g of MuscleBlaze™ Micronized Glutamine with your favourite beverage in the morning would be just enough.


Consume 5g MuscleBlaze™ Micronized Glutamine immediately after your workout session to obtain best results.

For best results we would suggest that MuscleBlaze™ Micronized Glutamine should be used in conjunction with MuscleBlaze™ Whey Proteins range.

Q: Does MB Glutamine contains glutamic acid or glutamine?

Glutamic acid and L-Glutamine are two different forms.MB Micronized Glutamine contains pure pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine powder only.

Q: How is the quality of MB Glutamine?

MB Micronized Glutamine is pure pharmaceutical grade glutamine.Each 5g dosing contains 5000mg of L-Glutamine.

Q: What is the main use of supplementing with Glutamine?

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acids in the body.During intense exercise, glutamine levels may be depleted faster than
the body can replenish them, which limits protein synthesis and can even encourage muscle breakdown.Supplementing with Mb Glutamine helps in anti-catabolism to preserve lean muscle mass and enhance recovery.

I have been taking this Glutamine powder for last three months & results are there to see. Definite increase in muscle strength due to pre/post workout intake of Muscleblaze Glutamine. Recommended for sure :)

Clear visible difference in the recovery period. Soreness also distinctively lessens. Mixes easily with Proteins. Definitely Effective & more IMPORTANTLY affordable pricing. Those pumping Hard Iron regularly must include this in their Supplements. Nice product

I was looking for supplements that can reduce post workout muscle soreness. I talked to the FitnessPro Nutritionist & he suggested me MuscleBlaze. Have never used muscleblaze product earlier. But after using this,I can say it is a nice product and much affordable. Not highly effective as other international brands but still its acceptable. . It works as it says.. thumbs up. Add it to your nutrition cart if u looking for a low budget glutamine. Getting some size too. Thanks fitnesspro.

There are a lot of positive reviews on glutamine, in my experience all of them are true. This product improves the gastrointestinal health, which means less food allergies. There are a lot of contagious diseases like typhoid which even after recovery leaves the gastrointestinal track susceptible to all sorts of trouble and weakness. In my case, glutamine alleviates all the troubles. The MuscleBlaze product is of good quality, and you just need a tea spoon a day of this for benefits. Overdosing might lead to problems.