No added caffeine fat loss supplement induced with natural ingredients

Formulated with natural ingredients like Garcinia Cambogia extract, Green tea extract and Grape fruit extract, MuscleBlaze™ Fat Burner is a no added caffeine formula that helps you shred extra body fat. As the blend stimulates fat metabolism, your body sustains its energy levels for longer periods, curbing carbs and fat cravings.
When combined with regular exercises, MuscleBlaze™ Fat Burner burns down the unwanted fat thermogenically, giving you a chiseled body.

1 capsule thrice a day before meals.
Q: How to take MB fat burner?

You may take MB fat burner as per directions on the box. It is usually taken before meal twice or thrice a day, followed by a low fat diet and supporting exercise program with adequate water intake of at least 5-6litres.

Q: Are there any side effects of using this product?

MB Fat Burner is made of herbal ingredients and completely free of doping ingredients and is free of side effects.It is a safe and effective way to fat loss when combined with supporting diet and exercise program.We still insist that you may consult your physician to check whether you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

Q: Is muscle blaze fat burner stimulant free?

Yes MuscleBlaze Fat Burner is free of caffeine or any other stimulants.MB Fat Burner is made of herbal ingredients and completely free of doping ingredients and is free of side effects.

Q: How is MB Fat Burner different from MB Fat Burner Extreme?

MB Fat Burner is made of herbal ingredients and free of any stimulants.It is suitable for use by all users seeking fat/weight loss.MB Fat Burner Extreme along with herbal ingredients contains caffeine and is recommended for strength training and performance athletes.It is essential to combine MB Fat Burner /MB Fat Burner Extreme with supporting diet and exercise program for optimum results.

i tried a lots of products available in market but there were no results..then i came to know about this. As its affirdable so i thought it might not work for me all other does but i still gave it a try and you wont believe… i lost 5 kg extra fat from my muscles within a month and got lean muscles. Thanxx to MB fat burner.

I had started taking it before 1.5 months approx. and i took it for 1 month and i lost approx. 6kg. Not to mention, i was following a good diet as well. When it was finished, i did not start taking it again and in last 15 days, i have lost only half kg. You see – diet + muscle blaze fat burner = 6 kg lost only diet = half kg lost. There is no doubt that this thing works. Buying it again.

goood product in that such amount……. just add in your diet this muscle blaze fat burner with little cardio sure it will help you to loosing your weight. great product….. thanks muscle blaze great product in very affordable prize.

As its an Indian brand was in proper amounts of doubts.. :P.. But ingredients list of tabs was better than all other costly fat burners out there.. it does increase body metabolism rate (bmr)… Best method for ingestion take with black coffee without sugar… Take trial doses start with 1 tablet for 3 days see how your body is reacting, then increase to three tablets a day not more than that as it has chromium which suppresses your hunger, a lot of it ain’t good.. For loosing weight you have to work out (sweat) proper cardio with strength training excersise has helped me lose weight effectively.

I have started using with strict diet and i got amazing results i almost lost 6kgs in a month with no aide effects i recommended to many of my friend’s and they also lost weight