Creapure: The Purest Creatine

Are all creatine created equal? Or, Creapure: the purest creatine will give you explosive lifts? Find out now.

Whether you?re a professional athlete or a serious bodybuilder, you?re no stranger to creatine. In fact, in all likelihood, it is an integral part of your fitness schedule and for good reasons. If creatine is good enough, can there be anything better? Looks like, your fitness wish has been granted. Brace yourself to meet Creapure, the purest form of creatine that is going to rock your training sessions.

For competitive athletes and fitness fanatics performance matters! Precisely, this is the reason why dedicated athletes are moving to creapure, the purest creatine supplement to excel. Creatine is a natural substance produced by the body. It plays a key role in transporting and storing energy in every cell. The adult human body contains 80g ? 130g of creatine. The body processes creatine in the kidney and the liver. In the liver, three amino acids arginine, glycine (non-essential) and methionine (essential) combine to form creatine. Creatine is transported through the blood and is used by muscles that have high energy demands, such as the brain and the skeletal muscle. In fact, around 95 percent of creatine in the human body is stored in the skeletal muscle.

Around 1 ? 2 percent of stored creatine is broken down and eliminated from the body every day and has to be replaced. Some of it can be synthesized in various organs, and some is provided through food intake. Creatine is contained in relevant amounts in meat and fish only, but not in vegetables or dairy products. Certainly, 1 spoonful of a creatine supplement contains more creatine than what most people will get from their diet. With normal activity, 2 to 4g of creatine gets used per day. However, if you?re active physically and mentally, the need for creatine increases to 5g per day. The body produces half of the creatine needed daily, and the rest needs to be ingested through food.

Studies have shown that depending on an individualīs lifestyle and diet, a recommendation of 3g per day can increase physical performance where immediate bursts of energy are required and demand on the body is at its maximum


Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the energy currency stored in your muscle cells in the energy reserve, phosphate creatine reservoir (PCr). Each time muscle cells contract during a workout, it loses a phosphate and changes into ADP (Adeno-di-phosphate). The dichotomy is that the body can't use ADP to gain energy. Hence, it dips in the energy reserve, phosphate creatine reservoir (PCr) during an intense activity to borrow a phosphate to transform ADP into ATP, the acceptable energy currency for the body.  Here, lies the paradox. The fiercer is your workout or sports activity quicker will be the energy depletion from the energy reserve. Thus, fatigue sets in. Creatine offers an answer to this fix.

A significant benefit of creatine supplementation is that it increases the concentration of phosphocreatine, which helps replenish the ATP reserve and helps you last longer in the gym. Moreover, creatine supplementation works to increase phosphocreatine re-synthesis (converting ADPs into ATPs) to refill the energy reserve. Users of creatine also notice a smaller decrease in their muscle pH during exertion.

Certainly, creatine supplementation can cause wonders in sports that require speed, such as sprinting, long jump, swimming. For body builders engaged in intensive strength training creatine supplementation works to improve performance in the areas of maximum strength and endurance.

The benefits of Creapure, the purest creatine lies in the fact that it multiplies the ergogenic attributes derived from a regular creatine.


Manufactured by AlzChem AG in Germany, Creapure is the purest form of creatine available. While most creatine available in the market has a creatine content of around 99.9 percent, Creapure is 99.99 percent pure creatine, which makes it the best creatine available for fitness fanatics and athletes, as the difference of 0.09 percent could have a substantial effect on their performance. Following a stricter manufacturing process, AlzChem ensures Creapure is free from unnecessary by-products including Creatinine (CRN), dicyandiamide (DCD), Dihydrotriazine (DHT) and Thiourea.

The pharmaceutical and toxicological properties of these byproducts are unknown, but this much is sure that they are not naturally occurring in the human body.


Very few supplements have been studied as much as creatine and all these studies have found creatine to be safe for an average healthy adult.  If you have any health condition, you need to seek the advice of your doctor, before you begin using this supplement. Usually, the side effects are muscle cramps and stomach upset arising from taking too much creatine or drinking too little water



A daily dose of 5g is recommended.

You should endeavour to take creatine with caffeine-free beverages, such as water, fruit juice or warm tea (which improves solubility).

Once you start to supplement creatine, please ensure that you drink enough fluids. It?s recommended to drink 100ml of liquid for 1g of creatine. Avoid storing creatine and consume it fresh, because creatine does not stay stable for long in liquids.

Since all creatine is not equal, now is the time to move on to Creapure, the purest creatine available and see your fitness standards and performance catapult to a new league. 

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